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The Quick Rack Advantage

The IQS Quick Rack tool allows me to safely work without dropping devices that cost up to a million dollars.

"The Quick Rack Tool needs to be in every Tool Box or Backpack!" ─ J. Ginn


Quick Rack is a game-changer and a "must have" in the Data Center Space. It's easily transported from job to job. Every Network Tech should own one and we advise keeping several in the Corporate Tool Room for emergency use.

The Quick Rack Solution. 

Quick Rack, a patented device created by Infinite Quantum Solutions, LLC provides Hardware Techs and Network Engineers the flexibility to work alone while maintaining safe conditions when used properly. The specially designed bracket supports up to 100lbs and temporarily holds the new device until you can secure the equipment to the rack. No more balancing acts, smashed fingers or damaged equipment!

Once using Quick Rack, you will wonder how you ever managed without it! 

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Cutting Edge Solution

Quick Rack is expandable so it can fit varied cabinets and includes different bolts to allow for cage nut or pre-threaded rack types. (It even flips upside down to assist with 12-14 and 10-32 captive screw-cabinet types.

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