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The Solution.

Quick Rack, a patented device created by Infinite Quantum Solutions, LLC provides Hardware Techs and Network Engineers the flexibility to work alone while maintaining safe conditions when used properly. The specially designed bracket supports up to 100lbs and temporarily holds the new device until you can secure the equipment to the rack. No more balancing acts, smashed fingers or damaged equipment!

Once using
Quick Rack, you will wonder how you every managed without it! 

Technician Shortages:

The IT hardware industry is growing exponentially. There are approximately 8,000 large Data Centers across the globe and growing daily. These centers house tens of thousands of hardware devices. One of the largest challenges the industry faces is finding enough techs to perform upgrades and install hardware. Most jobs require two techs to remove and install the new devices. With the patent approved Quick Rack technology, a Data Center can drastically reduce the need for tandem installs and allow a tech to work independently. Not only does Quick Rack solve the technician shortage problem but it can also increase their productivity, saving your company time and money.

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Covid-19 Challenges:

Quick Rack, the innovated product by Infinite Quantum Solutions, LLC reduces the need for tandem installs and affords Data Centers more freedom to stagger work hours. This provides technicians with more protection from inadvertent exposure to Covid-19 and keeps the company compliant with the current CDC guidelines on social distancing.

As the markets continue to recover and production ramps up, the number of onsite staff members will increase, post COVID-19. There will be a need for solutions that prioritize warehouse safety measures as well. Solutions that decrease the demand for additional onsite staff and ensure social distancing will be preferred.

Quick Rack is that solution!

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Protect Your Investments:

There is nothing more valuable to a company than their employees.


Quick Rack, the ingenious product created by Infinite Quantum Solutions, LLC can help protect an employee's safety during equipment changes or installs. And in addition, it helps prevent costly damage to expensive equipment.

When used properly, the Quick Rack device allows your technicians to change or update server hardware alone. Increasing your Data Center's productivity, strengthening the corporate safety record, and improving your bottom line.

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