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Innovative Design, Maximum Impact

The Quick Rack Solution

Quick Rack, a patented device created by Infinite Quantum Solutions, LLC provides Hardware Techs and Network Engineers the flexibility to work alone while maintaining safe conditions when used properly. The specially designed bracket supports up to 100lbs and temporarily holds the new device in place until you can secure the equipment to the rack. No more balancing acts, smashed fingers or damaged equipment!

Once using Quick Rack, you will wonder how you ever managed without it! 

Why Quick Rack?

Quick Rack revolutionizes the way devices are mounted into server/network racks.


Quick Rack is expandable so it can fit varied cabinets and includes different bolts to allow for cage nut or pre-threaded rack types. (It even flips upside down to assist with 12-14 and 10-32 captive screw-cabinet types.


  • Quick Rack can turn a multi-person install into a single user install

  • The install becomes much safer for the installer

  • Quick Rack adds protection to the device that is being installed

  • Devices are installed much faster with the Quick Rack

  • Use Quick Rack to remove Decommissioned Devices faster

  • Quick Rack allows for Covid-19 CDC Social Distancing Guidelines

  • Save the organization money by reducing employee costs

Quick Rack is your "Helping Hands
Infinite Quantum Solutions, LLC
Compact Design

An Innovative Device designed to make Rack Mount Installs: Safer, Faster more Efficient. Quick Rack protects your Expensive Equipment from damage and your Staff from Injury and Covid-19 because they can comply with Social Distancing CDC Guidelines and

can Perform Installs Alone

Yes, Alone!


Vector box

The first time I saw the IQS Quick Rack tool, I thought, WOW what a great idea.  I don’t remember how many thousands of devices that I installed into network racks or server cabinets over the past 3 decades.  Every time, I was looking for a third hand that did not exist.  I would ask someone to hold the device that was an innocent bystander.  They would be afraid and would be moving around nervously when they found out how much the device cost.   Often, I had to get a couple of people to help due to the weight or shape of the device.  Many times, when I was unable to find or recruit help, I would build a makeshift shelf to hold the device while I lined up the device correctly so I would not tweak the chassis and break one of the system boards inside the device.  I remember in one busy data center; we had these carts that cost more than a thousand dollars that were essentially scissor lifts and we had to place one in the front and one in the back to support the equipment.  

The IQS Quick Rack tool allows me to safely do the same work without dropping devices that cost up to a million dollars.

"The Quick Rack Tool needs to be in every Tool Box or Backpack!" ─ J. Ginn

Jeremiah Ginn, Network Engineer, Veteran, currently Director, Innovation and Strategy for AT&T January 17, 2021



Infinite Quantum Solutions, LLC

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